Trauma Services

A range of support and counselling services for people who have been affected by trauma.

Our support and counselling services are designed specifically for people who have experienced trauma in their life. 

We have particular expertise in working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). For further information about Trauma Counselling please go to our counselling services page or consider looking at our Trauma Counselling Line Scotland. For other support services please read on...

Support for women


Oasis is for women (aged 16 and over) living in South Edinburgh who have mental health difficulties and/or are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In a safe and friendly environment, oasis workers provide a free and confidential service which includes practical and emotional support on a one-to-one basis.

View Oasis leaflet.

Pathway (Women)

Therapeutic support is available to women in Edinburgh (aged 16 and over) who have been affected by childhood sexual abuse. This is done on a one-to-one basis and has a person centred, recovery focus. Pathway (Women) is care inspectorate regulated.

View Pathway (Women) leaflet.

Support for men

Pathway (Men)

Pathway (Men) offers support to men (aged 16 and over) from Edinburgh and the Lothians who have experience of childhood sexual abuse, or domestic violence, or rape in adulthood. Emotional and practical support is provided weekly or fortnightly, with the person meeting a member of staff either in our offices or out and about. Emotional support can give people an opportunity to talk about the abuse that they have experienced, and how it is impacting them now. Practical support could include making changes to their life, such as taking up a new activity, or finding ways to meet new people. 

View Pathway (Men) leaflet.

Registered Manager:

Jean Budge

Available to both men and women, self referrals to Trauma Services are welcome, as are referrals via a third party, such as a social worker. Download referral form.

For further information please call 0131 225 8508 or email us.

Need help now?

If you or someone you care for is facing a crisis and in distress, please contact NHS 24 on 111 or your GP directly.

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What you think

 “Life changing and life saving! The support has helped me enough to carry on emotionally and practically and make something of my life. It has impacted on my children as me that's the most important thing ...beyond words.”
DH, Edinburgh
“It's been about trust within the working relationship which has been essential to my recovery. I would be dead or near death without the support I have received. I've learned a lot of survival skills.”
RS, Edinburgh


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