Jamie is a supporter and previous member of staff

You either love or hate Mondays.

Some of us will wake up and hit the alarm with a groan, while others will get up with a spring in our step.

Whichever you are, there are some things you can do to make Mondays a bit easier. The following four steps help me to wake up and smile because it’s a Monday….again.

1) Start with a positive plan

Mondays are a great day to ‘restart’. In the morning, set out a list of things you want to achieve within the week. Set realistic aims and go for them!

If you feel a sense of negativity, instead of saying ‘I can’t do that’, change it to, ‘what can I do to overcome this challenge?’. 

Researchers call Mondays a “temporal landmark”. Because it’s the beginning of a new week and signals a fresh start.

2) Eat well

Instead of waking up and eating a breakfast which will leave you feeling sluggish and unproductive, why don’t you find a meal which is high in protein, vitamins, and nutrients?

The importance of eating well can’t be understated, especially on a Monday if you have had a busy weekend.

Setting yourself up with a healthy breakfast will increase your concentration and productivity, as well as provide other health benefits. 

3) Get moving

At Health in Mind, our Fundraising and Communications teams like to ‘dance it out’ every Monday morning and get active. 

We choose a song each week, give it a listen and get moving.

Monday morning exercise can seem like a chore and often the idea of it is enough to put us off. 

If you can get yourself active then you can look forward to having more energy, focus, and optimism for the day ahead.

4) Surround yourself with positivity

By this, I mean, surround yourself with positive people, surround yourself in a clean and tidy environment and if you are listening to music – put a happy playlist on.

If you surround yourself with positivity and kindness, this will bode well for your own wellbeing. Especially on a Monday morning. 

And who knows, maybe if you use these tips, you’ll be able to persuade others who Canny believe it’s Monday again to like them as well.