Karen, our Community Fundraiser, shares some ways to help mental health while you study.

University can be a demanding experience, and you may feel stressed and anxious when balancing university work, daily responsibilities, and personal growth. Meeting deadlines and pushing yourself out of our comfort zones are part of the university journey, and we understand that this can take its toll on our mental health. 

That is why we want to take this opportunity to raise awareness about our awesome fundraising opportunities, mental health services, and how we can all reduce the stigma around seeking help and start talking about how we really feel.

Run, Walk or Talk for Mental Health

We have a range of student groups, societies, and individuals who love supporting us in many ways. Students are always so passionate to support Health in Mind; some take on a physical challenge, from teams taking on the Meadows Marathon, running the Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF) to organising their own relay races. Many have enjoyed holding their own Blue Cake Days to encourage conversations about mental health and wellbeing – because we can all feel blue. 

Prioritise Your Mental Health

We understand that the pandemic has worsened existing mental health challenges and made student life even more difficult, especially with the rising cost of living. That’s why we are committed to working with students to prioritise their mental wellbeing and promote positive mental health. Whether you are struggling or just need support, Health in Mind is here for you.

You might benefit from checking out our online space for mental health and wellbeing in Edinburgh; iThrive | Student’s mental health (ithriveedinburgh.org.uk) a platform jam-packed with information to support you. 

We also encourage our supporters to think about the 5 ways to wellbeing to look after their mental health:

•    Connect
•    Be active
•    Take notice
•    Keep learning
•    Give

Read more about how you can introduce the five ways to wellbeing into your everyday routine. 

I’ve noticed a connection between giving and wellbeing. Become a Health in Mind hero by giving your time through volunteering at a bucket collection or fundraising with fellow students to find out if ‘doing good’ could improve your mental health.

So, what now?

There are many ways to get involved in student fundraising for Health in Mind, there is something for everyone and you can get involved here

Our fabulous Fundraising Team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

As well as supporting you with your fundraising ideas we can help manage stress, through our stress awareness sessions to provide your club, class, or society with coping mechanisms during challenging times, such as deadline days or when preparing for exams.

Our fundraising campaigns align with promoting positive wellbeing and of course, you can count on us to be your biggest cheerleaders for your fundraising activities too 😊.

Contact Karen and the Fundraising Team now and do something awesome for mental health.