Richard attended one of our writing for mindfulness and wellbeing groups.

This poem is a reminder of how writing can often be a great way to boost your wellbeing. 

Sunlight through an icy window 
Beyond the magical glaze
There is a world of mysterious wonder
That holds us in a daze

Looking beyond the crystals
Of ice upon our tears
There is a world of majestic loveliness
Beyond the moment’s fears

To see beyond the daily window
There’s a vision that makes us start
A glorious picture. A vivid dream
That totally melts the heart

For these are moments of the Spring
That glimmers upon the view
Beyond the icicles upon our tears
Compassion extending through

Beyond the sunlight of the crystals
To where a lush green land
Touches the hearts of all kind friends 
Who stop to understand

I don’t believe there was a beauty
As lovely as the bliss
When the sunlight melted winter crystals
With its morning kiss

The window invites us just to look
To witness the great encore
When the final music of the seasons
Serenades us evermore