Richard attended one of our writing for mindfulness and wellbeing groups.

This poem is a reminder of how writing can often be a great way to boost your wellbeing. 

Learning from the Dream

I dreamed I was in a library 
And I saw a beautiful book glaze
The contents must be magical
I wanted to take a look

So with infinite care and delicacy
I removed it from the shelf
It was filled with amazing poetry
That I wanted to keep myself

I tried to remember fantastic verses
And visions from a land
Where the detail was too intricate
For me to understand

Oh heaven If I had a camera
Or photo copyist’s machine
I would have recorded everything
That no one should have seen

But the details were like the clouds
That drift in front one’s eyes
It’s the skill to see life as it passes 
That makes the wisdom wise

And oh there were such great legends
And stories in that book
I wish to heaven I could borrow it
And take a longer look

Yet everything is truly beautiful
Because it’s flowing in a stream
It is the movement of all that is
That creates the perfect dream

Nevertheless it’s like a cloud
That in the middle of a storm
Showed me a beautiful city
And then it changed its form

That’s how the vision inspired me
To write my own great book of stories
About the creatures and the heroes
Who inspire all those glories

I must fill the volume up with pictures
And design the intricate detail
For every poem in the universe
And unknown fairy tale

Because these stories should be heard
They’re there to make us wise
There are so many unknown unread legends
To put tears before our eyes

So let us all start getting creative
From the spring that starts the streams
Let’s create the thousand wonders
From the visions in our dreams

Because I KNOW there was great poetry
In that library on the shelf
Which I only had a moment to read
And remember for myself

For there is only an instant to be inspired
Only a moment to take a look
At the pages which show true miracles
In our dreams’ most lovely book

Richard Candy