Sam attended our Midlothian Writing Group

Remembering 2020

‘I think when I look back on 2020, on lockdown, this awful year.

It’s the loneliness I will remember, more than Covid19 fear.

For 2020 is the year, I lost my beautiful mum.

My confidante, my guide, my anchor and my chum.

I’ll remember trying to navigate through the bleakness, fumbling in the dark

Not believing there was any light, not even a little spark.

But I will also remember the writing group, meeting others via Zoom,

And how in times of Covid19, I had company, in my own front room.

For one hour a week, on Tuesdays at half past two,

I had somewhere to aim for, something nice to do.

I will remember sharing my words and others sharing theirs with me,

And how, for that bit of time, I felt a little bit more free.

Throughout the next few days, some words to write I’d seek,

A bit of respite from bleaker thoughts, in the following week.

I will remember the feeling, of friendliness and warmth, within the ‘room’

And I will remember the lifting, my mood out of the gloom.

I will look back with gratitude, that the group was there,

A space and time, to share our thoughts in words, in such a horrid year.’