Tony attended one of our writing workshops

These poems are a reminder that writing can be a great way to improve our mental health and wellbeing.

Journey of life

Let’s take the journey of life together

Take my hand, do not be afraid

You are safe and secure

Leave all the pressure and stress behind you

I will take you to a place of total peace and relaxation

Your soul will rejoice and be lifted up, and soar high above the heavens

Your heart will be blessed and glad

You will experience deep contentment and stillness of spirit

Come now, meditate, reflect and contemplate

As your whole being is recharged and renewed

In light, love, faith and wholeness, of mind and body

Let the journey take you where the skies are blue and the sun is bright

Your spirit is free

Fly high to the sunrise where dreams come true, and your destiny awaits you.


I’ve got your back, I will support you if there is anything you lack

I will treat you with diplomacy and tact

I will be there for you, and that’s a fact

I will get to the point and be exact

I will comfort and soothe you, whenever you are hurt and upset

I will take away your pain, don’t you worry and fret

When life is difficult and tough, and when it gets rough

I will gently reassure you and calm and make you feel at ease

I am cradling you in my arms, giving you love and giving you peace