Look after your own wellbeing while you fundraise

You will help raise awareness and funds for our crucial mental health support services, but getting outside in nature to Bag a Munro could also improve your own wellbeing. 

Safety in numbers

Safety is our top priority, maybe you could take on the challenge in a group? Get together with members of your gym, local community, or family members!

Create your own fundraising page

Create your own fundraising page or get in touch for more information.
Email fundraising@health-in-mind.org.uk

group of people at a munro

Bag a Munro Blog Post

Hear from Rob at the Level Ten Fitness gym who took on the challenge with his members.

Rob said:

“This was such a team effort. Where some found it difficult, we waited and then moved on as a team. We reached both summits as a team – which felt so fulfilling.”