We offer a range of support for people who’ve experienced trauma, including in care trauma and trauma through historic adoption.

Our trauma-skilled support is provided by trusted, skilled and experienced staff, counsellors and volunteers who are survivors of childhood trauma.

Future Pathways

Future Pathways is a free service that supports people who were abused or neglected as a child while in the Scottish care system. It’s run by four organisations working together, including us.

Trauma Counselling Line Scotland (TCLS)

The Trauma Counselling Line Scotland offers counselling for people aged 16 or over living in Scotland who’ve experienced abuse in their childhood.

Historic Adoption Peer Support

We provide peer support to adult adoptees, mothers, fathers and other family members affected by Historic Adoption in Scotland.

Lothian Deaf Counselling Service

We offer a free, confidential counselling service for those aged 18 or over who are Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or deafblind throughout Lothian. One of our counsellors is Deaf and the others have extensive experience of working with deaf people and receive professional supervision.

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