We are always working towards providing people with the highest quality services and support that we can.

We’re pleased to share our latest satisfaction survey reports with you. A big thank you to all those who took the time to complete them.  

The reports focus on the previous year. We have shared some highlights below with the full reports available to download. 

Feedback about our services is essential for us to be able to measure quality and performance, ensuring our current services are meeting needs as well as identifying where we can develop and improve them. 

Read our annual Satisfaction Report

Here are some of the comments that we received:

“My counsellor was very supportive and gave me very good support and helpful links to self help. I much appreciate her professional support a wonderful compassionate person.”

“It’s been eye opening at just how much support is out there; so very reassuring and comforting to know that these kind of agencies exist. Our group worker was professional, knowledgeable and friendly all at the same time – and in the absolute right ways. The group was invaluable to me with how and what we all felt we could safely share without any judgement. Think it helped that the members were so very welcoming and friendly. Really reassured me that I wasn’t alone and that others suffer, sadly, in similar ways. Genuinely got so much from this experience”

“The peer Group approach, along with individual support, really helped me to understand and take on board the tools that could help me.”

“I’m very grateful for the help and support I’ve got during 4 meetings with my support worker. She is a true professional and a fantastic person. Thanks!”

For more information about volunteering with Health in Mind, please email us on hello@health-in-mind.org.uk.