Our Blue Cake Day #CakeChampions will bring a sprinkling of inspiration, a slice of awareness raising and a dusting of joy to the Health in Mind Community.

Mademoiselle Macaron and her team are going to support us in raising awareness around our mental health services by helping us to promote and encourage our supporters to participate in our awesome Blue Cake Day, a bake sale with a difference. They’ll also be encouraging people to connect and start open conversations about mental health – because we can all feel blue.

Mademoiselle Macaron’s fabulous team are particularly keen to raise awareness of mental health and we are delighted to have their help in doing so.

Find out more about Rachel:

Name: Rachel aka Mademoiselle Macaron

Location: Edinburgh

How did your love for making (and eating) macarons begin? I lived in Paris and fell in love with all French patisseries, first by eating them all(!) and then by going to the Alain Ducasse Cookery School.

Does baking help improve your own wellbeing? I have made a lot of macarons in my time, so I get the most enjoyment out of baking other things. You can’t beat a good brownie or cookie.

Reason for supporting Health in Mind as a #CakeChampion: there are two reasons, the first is that we aim to deliver a little moment of luxury, of escapism, a chance to sit back and savour something small and indulgent. We believe that taking a moment for yourself is so important for your mental health. But also, because at Mademoiselle Macaron everyone in the team is a #cakechampion and we try to look after all our team’s mental health and provide a supportive and caring company culture.

Other than baking, how do you look after your mental health? I’m a firm believer in taking time out to meditate and how better than curling up with a good book. I also keep a gratitude journal; I love making a list and recently took up bullet journalling (pass the coloured pens!) – all keep my mind de-cluttered and allow me to focus on what is important which helps with my mental health.

Favourite Macaron flavour? Our new passion fruit macaron

Run your own Blue Cake Day this Mental Health Awareness Week (15-21 May)!