A vital role

Our volunteers are vital to the support we provide. We could not support as many people without our volunteers alongside us and our peer support teams could not operate at all without them. 

Peer Work as a unique and powerful way of aiding mental health recovery. Peer volunteers have lived experience and use that experience in an intentional way to accompany others on their recovery journey. 

‘I realised I was in room full people where everyone understood my experiences and were listening patiently without trying to intervene, without trying to judge, without telling me what I ought to be doing to recover.’ 

Peer Volunteer

Could you be a Peer Volunteer? 

We work with peer volunteers in East Lothian, Edinburgh, Midlothian, The Scottish borders and West Lothian. If you have lived experience of mental health difficulties and are interested in becoming a peer volunteer find out more about volunteering with Health in Mind. Alternatively emailing us at hello@health-in-mind.org.uk

“Wow, my life has changed so much I hardly recognise myself anymore.
To come from the place I was just a few years ago to where I am now is nothing short of unbelievable.”

Midlothian peer volunteer

The Power of Peer Support  

If you want to know more about Peer Support, this short film, Side by Side – The Power of Peer Support, discusses the value of lived experience and peer work. The film features Health in Mind peer workers from Edinburgh sharing their experience of this approach to mental health support and the potential future they see for this powerful approach to recovery. The Peer Work Values featured in the film were developed by The Scottish Recovery Network.