Wendy Bates, our Chief Executive shares what people can expect. 

“People are at the heart of all we do at Health in Mind, including in the development of our new strategy.  

In 2022, we celebrated 40 years of Health in Mind, and this reinforced our strong history of creativity, innovation, and experience of working alongside people to improve mental health and wellbeing across Scotland. 

Accessible, high quality mental health and wellbeing support is needed now more than ever. Our new strategy clearly sets out how we will continue to contribute to supporting people’s mental health and wellbeing in Scotland over the next five years.  

From our conversations with people, and from our own experiences, we know that things feel tough just now – both on a personal level and in the world around us. We also know that support from Health in Mind helps people to hold hope.  

So, when developing our strategy, we chose to focus on what we can do and what we can influence. That’s where the name – Sharing Hope – came from.  

As part of holding people at the centre of all we do we have made commitments within our strategy to people accessing support now and in the future. We’re also committed to sharing more about our approach and contributing to improving mental health and wellbeing across Scotland in different ways. 

We will continue to listen and engage with people accessing support, communities in which we work, partners, staff, and volunteers as we start on a new journey for the charity.” 

As part of our strategy launched we’ve also updated our website – let us know what you think by emailing hello@health-in-mind.org.uk.

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