Many studies have shown the positive effects of both creating and consuming art on mental health. Any kind of artistic expression can lower stress hormones while raising endorphin and dopamine levels in the brain. 

Here are some ways that art can boost our wellbeing. 

Arts and community 

Through getting involved in arts, people can create new social connections and build on existing support in their communities. By socialising with others, you can help in reduce any feelings of loneliness and isolation you may be feeling. 

Whether you are involved in creating art or consuming it, it can create a space for social connection with friends and family and other like-minded people.  

Arts and physical wellbeing  

Making and experiencing arts and culture can have a positive impact on your physical wellbeing. Art has the power to make you feel good, reducing stress and allowing the mind to focus and relax. 

Stress reduction

It’s no secret that stress is bad for both our physical and mental wellbeing and creating art is a great way to relieve stress. Numerous studies have demonstrated that doing something creative for at least 20 minutes, such as doodling, colouring, and drawing, will lower stress levels. The best part is that none of these activities require any artistic experience. 

Boosts self-esteem 

Being creative boosts our self-esteem. It affirms the originality of our ideas and allows you to turn them into something material. Making time for your interests and crafts can boost your sense of worth and self-assurance.  

Expressive therapy

Expressive arts, such as writing, music, dance, drama, and other visual arts, promote deep individual and social development. People who engage in expressive art therapy can laugh, let go, and relax, which lowers tension, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. 

Art and emotional wellbeing  

The arts have been proven to boost your emotional wellbeing. By exploring the arts, whether that be taking part in, watching or experiencing, you can become more aware of your own feelings, learn from others experiences and make positive changes in your life. 

While not always easy to do, finding the time to take a break from the pressures of everyday life can help to lift our mood, by boosting our confidence and making us feel more engaged and resilient. 

Any type of art can enhance your mental health because it can lower stress, boost happiness, promote social relationships, and aid in self-discovery. Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, creative expression is great for your health.  

Art Psychotherapy 

Art Psychotherapy allows people to work with their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing using art materials alongside talking, creating an outlet for often complex and confusing feelings, and fostering self awareness and growth. 

Health in Mind offers Art Psychotherapy in blocks of 8 weeks to those living in Midlothian. Learn more about Art Psychotherapy with Health in Mind

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