Going through mental health struggles can feel incredibly lonely, and it may feel like there’s no way through. But by sharing our experiences and the positive change we see (however large or small), we can offer hope and community to each other. 

When we speak openly about mental health, it can not only offer hope to others but be a valuable step for our own healing and wellbeing. Your experience matters – it’s worth sharing with the world. 

If you’d like to share your experiences – whether it’s your personal journey, your ideas about what mental health means, or your creative responses – we can help. Our Storytelling team can work with you to find the best way to get your message out. 

We’re particularly looking for… 

Sometimes, we’ll ask for stories we’re particularly interested in sharing as part of upcoming campaigns, events, and more. These aren’t the only stories we’re interested in, but if your story matches these themes, we may be able to find a platform for it sooner. 

In spring 2024, we’re looking at opportunities to share: 

  • Experiences with the Edinburgh Fringe, its impacts on mental health, and ways to manage wellbeing at the Festivals. 
  • Stories about carers’ mental health and wellbeing, and accounts of how you’ve looked after yourself while caring for others. 
  • Men’s experiences with mental health difficulties, and particularly your thoughts about how masculinity and manhood has affected your experience. 
  • Experiences of volunteering with Health in Mind 

Keep sending in all your stories, whether or not they relate to the themes above – we love hearing from you! 

Get in touch 

Fill in the form below or email hello@health-in-mind.org.uk and let us know a bit about what you want to share.  

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can – usually within seven working days. 

All stories we gather are used under a rigorous consent process – we won’t put words in your mouth, or use your experiences anywhere you haven’t agreed to.  

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