Health in Mind is a charity promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. Through our unique pathway of support, collaborations, campaigns and resources we build hope, resilience and understanding of mental health and wellbeing. Health in Mind is committed to the highest standards of openness, probity and accountability. We recognise that all organisations face the risk of things going wrong or of unknowingly harbouring malpractice. 

By encouraging a culture of openness within Health in Mind we believe that we can prevent malpractice before it happens. Health in Mind encourages staff to raise issues that concern them at work. We recognise that staff may, at time, have concerns about reporting issues. Health in Mind Whistle Blowing Policy and Procedure provide a mechanism for genuine concerns of serious malpractice to be raised at the earliest opportunity in a responsible and effective way without fear of reprisal. 

We provide an annual report on whistle blowing reports. 

Read our latest Whistle Blowing report