In 2022, we celebrated 40 years of Health in Mind. This milestone reinforced our strong history of creativity and innovation; our positive and hopeful approach and our knowledge and experience of working alongside people to improve mental health and wellbeing across Scotland.

Accessible, high- quality mental health and wellbeing support is needed now more than ever.  

Strategy development  

We undertook a year-long process of engagement with people who access our services, our staff and volunteers, and key stakeholders to develop our 2023-2028 strategy. We’re hugely grateful to everyone involved for their energy, enthusiasm, and expertise.  

The development of our strategy was viewed through a human rights lens to ensure that both human rights and equalities are front and centre of our work.  

We know this process has made our new strategy stronger, and that it belongs to everyone who has a stake in our work.  

In our new strategy we’ve made some commitments to you.

Our commitments to you

Illustration of a person representing 'Keep people at the heart of all we do'
Illustration of a clock face representing 'There for people when, how and where they need us'
Illustration of a megaphone representing 'Sharing our learning and experience'

Commitment 1: Keep people at the heart of all we do 

Throughout our conversations with you, you told us that Health in Mind is great at keeping people at the heart of all we do you also gave us suggestions about what we should keep doing and do more of.  

Commitment 2: There for people when, how and where they need us 

You told us that Health in Mind offers a unique pathway of services which can flow together, ‘book end’ other supports or stand on their own. You told us it would be helpful for us to provide support in new areas, and to continue to ensure that our services are easy to access and support people to move on from.  

Commitment 3: Sharing our learning and experience 

It was clear from our conversations with you that you thought we could do more to share our learning and experience to inform and influence locally and nationally. This included supporting others to learn more about mental health and wellbeing and the impact of trauma.  

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Looking ahead

As we start on a new journey, delivering on the commitments we’ve made to you, we’ll continue to listen to and engage with people accessing support, the communities we work in, and our partners, staff, and volunteers. 

Our purpose, value and approach

We’re one of Scotland’s best-known and trusted mental health charities.

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A community can make you feel like you belong, that you can be yourself and will be accepted just as you are.